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By - February 11, 2009

This is a placeholder of sorts, but I have a long piece in me about the idea of “contentsense” – content on a website that reorganizes itself around your declared intent – a search refer, behavioral cookie data, etc. it’s close to being a reality (some argue it’s here) and it’s driven by a nuanced ballet with Adsense, or its functional equivalent. The idea has been with me for a long time, but a meeting earlier this week with an entrepreneur from Holland who has worked here and abroad really drove it home, as did my earlier discussions with Demand Media. More soon…

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5 thoughts on “ContentSense

  1. Check out this wordpress plugin. It tells a visitor why they came to the page and the search terms that brought them there:

    It’s a valid problem being worked on by some companies. I think lookery is one of them.

    There’s a big opportunity here. Looking forward to more posts on it or feel free to discuss offline.


  2. jeannie christensen says:

    Nice Joint after Midnight. Sometimes insomnia breeds good stuff. Sounds like making this happen would be a hella challenging technically, just organizing content semantically. But if it could happen it would win the game. And computers would be a little closer to HAL status. ha…

  3. Gary says:

    Certainly the content being driven by the viewers search or other characteristics will make websites far more relevant and ‘sticky’ for visitors. Sounds very interesting….

  4. But if it could happen it would win the game. And computers would be a little closer to HAL status.

  5. Ian Kennedy says:

    We did some work around that while I was at MyBlogLog with a WordPress widget that would look at your MBL tags (which are attached automatically based on the meta-data of content you post to your lifestream) and suggest posts that match those tags.

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