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By - January 06, 2009

A few (older) things I wanted to post before heading to CES:

The head of the IAB, Randall Rothenberg, on measurement (I am on the IAB board). In essence, he says we are measuring too many things. I am not sure I agree, but I see his point. At FM, we are measuring a lot of different things, including what we call amplification and engagement. I think these things are really, really important. Sure, they might all roll up into “reach and frequency” if you will, but not paying attention to them is nuts.


Three Tips For Discipline In A Nomad Life by Scott Belsky, writing on the Digital Nomads site (a site sponsored by Dell). I was struck by the calendar image. I almost wanted it to be reversed: THINK five days a week, DO two days. Unless writing, which I consider thinking, is actually doing…huh. Also like The Paradox of Face Time from Hugh. Creative work requires loneliness.

A not so cheery piece on the ad “depression” via All Things D.

I always read the Google Policy blog, find interesting things there. Google is doing a lot of work on policy, and this post, early last month, responding to the telcos’ claim that Google is “unfairly consuming bandwidth” was sharply worded and fun to read.

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One thought on “Notable…

  1. nmw says:

    “There are really only 3 conclusions”… and I choose “all of the above” — except that I would change #3 a little: “it’s just too complicated — for those who do not have the necessary expertise to collect and interpret appropriate data in a rational manner”.