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Dear Oyuncambazi: Please Stop Spamming This Site!

By - January 12, 2009


For the past few years, but in particular in the past year, spammers, or one very focused spammer, have been posting bogus comments on Searchblog, hoping to leverage the authority of this community to promote a commerce site called oyuncambazi dot com. Well, here’s my response: oyuncambazi are spammers, spam, spam, spaaaaammmmmmers. Oyuncambazi = Spam. So please stop, Mr. Oyun. It’s tiresome and time consuming. STOP. Ideally, those wonderful Googlebots will pick up this post and start relating oyuncambazi with SPAM.

Update: I got an apology from someone for spamming, and a promise to not do it anymore. We’ll see!

Update 2: The person responsible claims to be a 17 year old from Turkey who, though it’s hard to understand his English, seems to be quite regretful. We’re trying to hav a conversation on email. He’s been doing this all over the web, clearly. Now this post is #2 on Google on a search for his site.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Oyuncambazi: Please Stop Spamming This Site!

  1. I’ve been amazed at how effectively filters out comment spam for my Word Press blog.

  2. F.D. Athow says:

    @jordan. The issue is that human spammers make the task of akismet more difficult. Bypassing an automated filter is simple when you’re not a spam bot.

  3. Oyun Cambaz─▒ says:

    I know,I was faulty,I am sorry to apologize

  4. Oyun Cambaz─▒ says:

    Update 2 : “He’s been doing this all over the web, clearly” WHAT ???????? Don’t lie pls

  5. Cem Sertoglu says:

    It’s not everyday that you write about a Turkish site! Too bad this is the occasion.

  6. Oyun, sorry, but a Google search brings up your comments on lots of other high pagerank sites…

  7. Joe says:

    As someone with passable Turkish I used to get a laugh reading the spam comments promoting Turkish websites. Having written that, it would be annoying if it was my blog receiving the spam.

  8. Fortuente says:

    I just had to take down a site due to spam coming out of Turkey. The infamous “sohbet” spammers.

    They attack top-sites – there have pages with dozens of button.php calls from varying topsites then run a script to “click” each one every few seconds. For a while I had almost the entire country of Turkey denied, but I got sick of the DENY entries clogging my error file, so I just took down the entire site.

    Most are coming out of 78.* and 88.* but there are a few others. Narrowing it down further than that was futile, as they must be using hacked zombie computers – I have seen them coming from literally hundreds of different IPs.

    Basically I am at the point where I am denying as much of the country of Turkey from all my sites as possible. From my impression dealing with this, it seems like it is a country full of nothing but spammers and hacked computers. Turkey has been making China look like the paragon of responsible computing.