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Danny to Bush: Fix the Bomb (The GoogleBomb, That Is)

By - January 07, 2009

Remember the miserable failure GoogleBomb? It’s back, in a way, or it will be back. Danny Sullivan explains it here, and asks the Bush administration to fix it.

…in an inept attempt to defuse the Googlebomb, someone in Bush’s White House moved his biography to the page used by the current US president. That means when Bush goes, the next US president (Obama) inherits the problem

..Aside from turning Bush’s search engine problem into a legacy issue for future presidents, the change is also misleading the US public and others. The redirection from the old bio page should lead to the new bio page, not require those using old bookmarks to guess at where the new location is at.

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5 thoughts on “Danny to Bush: Fix the Bomb (The GoogleBomb, That Is)

  1. Mike says:

    Just leave it. Won’t be long before the new guy claims the title on his own merits anyway.

  2. nmw says:

    That is COMPLETE BS – like Mr. Sullivan expects people to now write webpages in order to suit the “miserable failure” search engine (aka Google. I think Mr. Sullivan has gone too far off the deep end — he needs to cut down on the koolaid (or whatever).

  3. It’s not bullshit to expect a US president to put his country before his personal legacy.

    Bush, or specifically those within his White House web team, deliberately killed his biography page and redirected requests to it instead to a page used by all US presidents. As a result, after he leaves office, all US presidents get stuck with the miserable failure Googlebomb.

    Bush should redirect requests for his biography to a page that actually has his biography. Simple as that.

  4. nmw says:


    are you now branching out into psychoanalysis? I applaud such efforts: Perhaps you may be able to improve something about the world we live in after all — indeed: we should not feel that we are unable to change something about the world happens to be. I find your idea to question the motivations of President Bush is a good step in the right direction — are you going to start a petition?

    See also (especially the 2nd paragraph).

    Finally, as we’re on the subject of guessing motivations: Do you have a guess for why Google, Inc. might be interested in using the chorme browser to intercept direct navigation by users to the websites they actually want to navigate to? Could it be that they want to push ads into the navigation bar — the way they’re already beginning to do with Google Suggest?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    🙂 nmw

  5. oyun says:

    This is a plot to Googlebomb being openly discussed on a “progressive” website. Here is a link to the article should you choose to investigate: