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Of Note: Semantic Search Expert Dr. Rudi Studer

By - December 29, 2008

From the Yahoo Search blog. Worth a read if you’re into this stuff. I think we’re going to see some breakthroughs in this area thanks to new services like Twitter and others adding a layer of real time data.

So far, semantic technologies have been used in commercial products for data integration, enterprise semantic search and content management, etc. I expect this area to grow, but prospectively I see more and more potential for business opportunities in the combination of the social web and semantic technologies as well as in the context of mashups. An area that is also still largely unexplored is the area of advertisements in the context of semantic search.

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3 thoughts on “Of Note: Semantic Search Expert Dr. Rudi Studer

  1. … “combination of the social web and semantic technologies” like Qitera, Twine and Glue, but for business apps.

    I argued for this point with Radar Network’s Nova Spivack, but it fell on deaf ears. Maybe a play for Qitera, but more likely a greenfield opportunity for a firm willing to pursue it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the large proprietary database companies come up with something, kind of like taking Open Calais a few steps further.

  2. George Cheney says:

    I seems to me that semantics and social networking go hand in hand.
    They are necessary for people to understand each other, a great negotiating tool, to be able to saty or write exactly what you mean and have what you have writen or said understood.

  3. Julie Winter says:

    Who could take Semantic NLP further than Cognition has????