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The Conversation Economy, Sketches

By - September 23, 2008

Adobe Dmwnld

Thanks to Adobe, who sponsored this work, I pulled together some sketches for the book I keep talking about. It’s blog posts from Searchblog, a talk I gave at Cisco, work I’ve done for the Amex Open Forum blog (which just won a Mixx award!), with Powerpoint and video. A nice package, in fact, and I’m proud to say it all happened thanks to a sponsor. Check it out here (download will initiate). Thanks, Adobe!

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3 thoughts on “The Conversation Economy, Sketches

  1. embedded videos don’t seem to work… using acrobat 9… on a mac…

  2. never mind – got it to work – thanks, this was pretty cool!

  3. @subbu glad it did we were working on a debug just in case.