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Links, Etc.

By - August 29, 2008

Friday linkday:

Via Churbuck, a nice walkthrough of how to use Google search tools to understand site acquisition and traffic patterns.

As long as we’re in a learning mode, here’s a post on using FriendFeed as a business tool.

The IE8 beta is out. I need to grok this. It’s got some stuff in it that effects the advertising ecosystem in serious ways that I have yet to grok, and am not seeing much coverage of. More at Forbes and Ed Bott.

Mashable reports on a bucket of money for JumpTap, a competitor in the mobile search arena, an area I am increasingly finding interesting.

Like reggae? Me too. Given it’s Friday, check out Steel Pulse via BBtv.

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One thought on “Links, Etc.

  1. nmw says:

    OMG: What year is it? Is this a link party “like it’s 1999”?

    John, this is the same reason why twitter is yesterday‘s “news”: it’s too much filled will canned marketing speak that drowns out anything informative.

    Please: Don’t GO THERE!