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A Bright Spot for Yahoo

By - April 16, 2008

Search share slipped, but share of search ads sold increased, according to a new study covered by Reuters.

New industry data out on Tuesday showed Yahoo Inc may have started gaining share in the Web search ad market against Google Inc even as Google’s share of search audience inched up.

One study by RBC Capital using data on ad-buying trends from Web search marketing firm SearchIgnite shows Yahoo outpacing Google in spending on search advertising, ad viewership and click-through rates during the first quarter.

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3 thoughts on “A Bright Spot for Yahoo

  1. I wasn’t too surprised to see this.. Google has made it increasingly difficult to advertise with AdWords thanks to “quality score” and other opaque variables.

    Yahoo doesn’t have the volume, but it requires 50% of the effort to keep your ads up and running.

  2. Your readers will REALLY enjoy these Google-related interviews, and so will you.

  3. Hit Search says:

    This is good news albeit nor earth shaking’ly good.

    Google is still the dominate force in our industry but a stronger Yahoo! makes for a stronger industry for all involved. So…. gooo Yahoo!