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Open to A Deal

By - March 12, 2008

It’s all happening! Just, a bit late. From my predictions:

1. (a) If Microsoft does not buy AOL, Yahoo will, and failing that, AOL will go public, but the IPO will receive a lukewarm review.

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5 thoughts on “Open to A Deal

  1. the DARK SIDE of the “””Google””” Lunar X Prize:

  2. coxy says:

    Yahoo! / AOL ?

  3. coxy says:

    reference link:

    …and I choose to ignore the MySpace / Murdock / Yahoo! details in that report. That would be silly. Incredibly silly.

  4. GT Staff says:

    I would definitely agree that AOL was headed for a buyout. While I still find their news worth reading, there aren’t enough international users for AOL to keep it alive.

    Globalization is on the rise, in a breakneck speed at that, and sites with local targets would be bulldozed by those that have a global reach.

    Kudos to your keen eye for trends, Mr. Battelle. 🙂

  5. It looks like Microsoft will buy Yahoo as their stock price continues to drop