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Respect Talent, No, Wait, Screw That, Talent Wins

By - January 27, 2008

Dave Winer has a good post about how talent – in particular, writers and “content creators” – have forever had a raw deal from corporations who profit on the back of the creators’ work. Dave posits that this is about to change, thanks to many trends, including the commoditization of distribution, means of production, and audience aggregation (well, I may have added that last one).

I certainly agree change is in the wind, and started FM on the premise that independent creators of great sites on the web deserve not only the majority of the revenue fostered by their work, but complete control over their intellectual property to boot. Well said, Dave.

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One thought on “Respect Talent, No, Wait, Screw That, Talent Wins

  1. says:

    I find it useful to distinguish between sites (locations, e.g. NYC, Times Square or Washington, DC) and websites (things created/built/located at locations, e.g. the Statue of Liberty or the White House).

    This distinction is important (just wrote about it yesterday on ) — and I have also long held that artists should build on their own properties rather than to build on top of some “super deal” you might find if you take a walk on the wild side of Manhattan.

    ( See also 😉

    😀 nmw