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NO, Wait, *we* Own the Zeitgeist

By - December 03, 2007

I was at Berkeley today, lecturing to a room full of undergrads (I plan to write that up tonight, man, interesting…), so I was a bit behind in email, till I caught up tonight. And there in my in box was a press alert:


Every day millions of people use Google(TM) (NASDAQ: GOOG) search to find information, and a snapshot of these searches presents a revealing look into the ideas, opinions, preferences and interests of internet users across the globe. Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products & User Experience at Google, will host an interactive webcast to give reporters an early look at the fastest-rising searches conducted on in 2007. And, in time for end-of-year story planning, she will demonstrate how Google Trends(TM) can be used as a reporting tool to add color and even visual illustrations and elements.

Given that my book came about, in part, from the first ever annual zietgiest in 2001, I am interested to see what Marissa does. Of course, I am in staff meetings all day, so I cannot attend. Maybe one of you will, and tell us what happened in comments?

Update: Google announced on the Today show. Thanks, TC.

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2 thoughts on “NO, Wait, *we* Own the Zeitgeist

  1. Andreas Ramos says:

    Please, John: if you’re going to use the word “Zeitgeist”, then learn how to spell it. “Zietgiest” is nonsensical.

  2. nmw says:

    very interesting: I found out that Google trends counts “npr” and “npr debate” separately — so those two searches would result in

    1 npr
    1 npr debate

    rather than 2 for “npr”

    :) nmw

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