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Speaking of Steve…

By - November 08, 2007

I noted earlier that our Web 2 conversation was among the best I’ve had the pleasure of moderating, and posted the video here. But the really good part was all the way at minute 21, which is a long wait. So I asked our video wizards at Good Productions to send me just the clip where Ballmer goes purple and talks about Microsoft search “dunking on the competition.” It’s priceless.

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6 thoughts on “Speaking of Steve…

  1. It is one thing to keep believing that you are going to beat Google. It is quite another to present it in a factual, rational manner.

    This video should not be about entertainment or personality – it should be a tenacious conversation about HOW he is going to achieve this feat.

    What tactics he is planning to use to make his promise believable – even at the cost of angering him or offending him. Is this his management style? This may explain WHY MSN never caught on; his employees would not want to confront him.

    Bloogers complain that SearchEnginesWeb is too direct and confrontational when pursuing facts – but it is sometimes the only way to corner decision makers into giving an intelligent answer.

  2. Dylan Fuller says:

    Love the video – classic! Total respect for Mr Ballmer. I think he’s right, they will slam dunk one day and they may even pick up a 3-point shooter along the way named Yahoo!

  3. ned says:

    John: Did you asked our video wizards at Good Productions to sweeten the color too so Steve looks like he’s going purple?

  4. John Battelle says:

    Ned – Nope, that is REAL. You should have seen it from my perspective, it was really awesome to watch the color shoot from his collar up to the top of his head.

  5. Mark Evans says:

    Great clip! Not sure if Ballmer’s analogy is accurate but he’s certainly entertaining.

  6. Eddiecraig says:

    that great speech givien by steven..i am wondering on his speech..i missed his speech while it was telecasted in television..thats a fantastic video given by seeing the video we have to know that his target to overcome google…
    thanks john for having this video in your blog..