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Social Ads Launches Today

By - November 06, 2007

Facebook will launch its new ad platform today in New York. I am not there – I have cut back my travel significantly to be near family for the time being – but I’ll be watching closely. After taking a perception hit with the launch of Google’s Open Social, Facebook needs a good reception to continue its current status as Hottest Thing On The Planet. I agree with Cnet’s Stephanie Olsen in this piece, when she quotes a tech exec as saying: “The company that can process the most data will win.” I’d modify that – the company that can process the most data intelligently and in context, wins.

I’ll post once the news breaks.

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8 thoughts on “Social Ads Launches Today

  1. nmw says:

    John, seeing as we’re all sitting here twiddling our thumbs, do you suppose you might be able to explicate what you mean by “in context”?

    🙂 nmw

  2. JG says:

    Methinks John means that when he is actively engaged in some task, e.g. planning a trip to Denver (or wherever), the “intelligence, in context” data processing will start to recommend hotels in Denver, restaurants in Denver, golf courses outside of Denver (if John, from his profile likes golf) or used bookstores in Denver (if John, from his profile, likes literature and coffee).

  3. nmw says:

    Do you suppose that would that be done by connecting electrodes to the forehead with a USB connection to the laptop / portable device?

    Or are we talking about plain & dirty text — like, e.g. “hotel” or “car rental” or something like that?

  4. JG says:

    nmw, don’t you remember Larry Page remarking a few years ago about how cool it would be to have a Google chip implanted directly into your brain?

    So haven’t you realized by now that the whole goal behind Kurzweilian singularity projects is to come up with the ultimately efficient, effective ad delivery platform? 😉

  5. nmw says:

    Why even have PEOPLE? Like Cringley says, everything is run BY algorithms — so why not design the algorithms to interface with other algorithms?. Seems to me like that would be alot more EFFICIENT.

    ;P nmw

  6. Josh Z says:

    I much preferred Facebook before all the apps and publicity. A few months ago I spent at least an hour on it, daily. Now, the site’s lucky if I sign in weekly. The newest site in social/music networking is; it gets my vote.

  7. nmw says:

    speaking of music, when is Weird Al gonna come out with “Kung Fu Flighting”?

    ;D nmw

  8. Jeff Tadie says:

    Anyone know if Facebook is localizing, or attempting to, the ads beginning to appear on their site?

    A few SEM clients asked about the social sites…we’re exploring whether we can add social sites to the brands we sell via our reps and in our stores.