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Facebook: Seen This Movie

By - October 15, 2007

God, it felt like I was watching the fifth installment of a familiar action flick when I read this:

(Facebook) execs are also trying to nail down a big funding that will potentially give the hotsy-totsy social network a giant slug of cash, as well as a lofty $15 billion valuation.

No deal as yet, but sources close to Facebook said it was now a horse race between Microsoft, which already serves Facebook’s ads in the U.S., and Google. Yahoo, sources said, is a long-shot dark horse in the bidding.

One year ago, it was the same horse race, but for AOL’s search and remnant business. And before that, it was the bidding for Facebook’s IAB ad units. Or Myspace’s search/remnant. Or … or… or….

Well. It should be quite an interesting Web 2 this week, no?

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