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Facebook All Hands

By - October 20, 2007

I posed the first question of the Web 2 Summit\ to Mark Zuckerberg (video). “How’s the funding going,” I asked him. “We’re nearly done,” he replied.

Owen has a scoop: An all hands has reportedly been called for Tuesday for all Facebook employees. As someone who has called all hands meetings for hundreds of employees (at the Standard and at Wired), this does not happen without a very significant reason.

Perhaps Mark is now done…

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2 thoughts on “Facebook All Hands

  1. MG Siegler says:

    Certainly seems like it will be something significant. Nice job asking the questions we were all wondering about by the way.

  2. John Clinebell says:

    My colleagues and I were discussing Facebook this morning.. we’re kinda thinking “so what” about it. Facebook is definitely not where someone goes when they want to buy something. But if Google were to buy it and fully integrate search into it (basically make it where people just log into Facebook to search) then it could be much bigger.. the point is Facebook only becomes a really viable marketing entity when a major search engine buys it out.