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Why Thanks Rex, and About that URL…

By - September 16, 2007

Rex Hammock calls for folks to rally around “conversational media” as a term for all that social media/user generated content/word of mouth marketing/etc. and I’m honored by his suggestion (my writings on the topic are here and here and here). He also offers a critique of the first ever Conversational Marketing Summit, noting that it was not very well covered by the Web 2 crowd (nary a mention on Techmeme). He aptly notes that perhaps the folks who attended were not, well, part of that world, and to that insight I can only concur: Most marketers are not entrepreneurs obsessed with the Valley, they are business people obsesssed with succeeding at their jobs. The CM Summit, from the feedback we’ve gotten so far, really helped them in that pursuit.

Now, about that URL – – that you own….

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One thought on “Why Thanks Rex, and About that URL…

  1. nmw says:

    LOL! Post a “wanted” ad @ !!

    ;D nmw