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Oh My: Hittail Shows Me A, er, Killer Search Refer

By - September 21, 2007


The Hittail ads are back up on Searchblog. I’m fascinated by them. What I like is that I can check the ad up top to see what folks are typing into search engines that leads them to this site. Then today I saw that someone came to my site by typing “How to kill your wife” into Google. Searchblog is #4 due to a post I did about a fellow who was busted thanks to his search history.

And now I’ve probably made it worse!

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8 thoughts on “Oh My: Hittail Shows Me A, er, Killer Search Refer

  1. Nelson Minar says:

    I really love the other queries in the banner ad, “s&prev=/images?q=” and “gres&prev=/images?q=”? It’s like conversational marketing for RFC 2396 nerds.

  2. nmw says:

    What does it mean when there’s a blank line — is that NSFW?

    ;D nmw

  3. Mike Levin says:

    Blank lines mean someone searched on something naughty that led here 🙂

  4. nmw says:

    Exactly! ;D

    But let’s just go along with this hittail gizmo ad — I think the point John is trying to make is again another push for his conversational spiel (and BTW, John, I’ve probably got something “related” if you might consider redubbing the concept ;).

    What hittail “searches” is not the HTML text, but rather the user queries. I have been “studying” user queries for over 5 years already, so I know the vocabulary quite well (at least the vocabulary on the www). However, this is more/less a “done deal” — the gold is no longer in “one-size, fits-all”: it’s in the “site search” (actually, you could also look at Google searches as if they were site searches — and indeed: this is where the legalities get a little “mucky”). So what if there WERE no longer any caching? (this is, BTW, pretty much where we’re headed, I think) Well, then we would have real-time search. This is not impossible, but it’s also not comprehensive (actually, NO search engine is comprehensive). The newer engines (which have yet to be created) will TARGET their searches. I know, this sounds like a throwback to the meta-searches of pre-Google — but some of these projects were actually quite promising. Imagine (just “for example”) a meta-search engine that would focus ONLY on and Such an engine could send a query to both of those sites, compare the results, take out duplicates, etc. Back in pre-Google days, most individual websites were still quite small (and few were very focused). Now, the long tail is here to stay (I TOLD you I knew the vocabulary! ;P)

    World turning….

  5. city says:

    What in !@#$% are you doing reading my search queries and sending me a message promoting yourself?
    I read a little bit of your message and I see you mention integrity, and that you hope to keep yours. I can see why you need to worry about it. I’ll be using another search engine from now on.

  6. nmw says:

    LOL !!! Yes — some people need serious HELP!

    see also

    ;D nmw