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New Live Search Features Rolling Out

By - September 21, 2007

Earlier this year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised a bunch of innovation in search, and it looks like some of that is starting to roll out, in advance of Microsoft’s “Searchification” event next week. More at Liveside….

Update, looks like Liveside got some early stuff that was then pulled, so the screen shots are only at Liveside. In the spirit of spreading the love, here are the shots, after, and before results:

Livesearch2Canon Thumb

Livesearcholdcanon Thumb

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One thought on “New Live Search Features Rolling Out

  1. stone says:

    Man, they need to stop doing this stuff. The features they roll out with odd fanfare are a joke. Someone needs to tell Microsoft that they are losing in search, and that they’ve done nothing in two years to compell many people to use their products.