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Cool Ad

By - September 02, 2007

Hittail Ad

I know, this is clearly a commercial post, but I am enjoying the HitTail ads on Searchblog right now. They use the HitTail service to show, in the ad, search queries which result in visitors coming to Searchblog. I love it – as the curator of Searchblog, I keep going to the ad to see what query strings folks are putting in that result in new visits to my site. It’s a powerful way of showing the service’s value, I think, and a neat use of conversational marketing – following the principle of adding value to the conversation on a site without trying to control it. Queries I’ve found that made me smile:

internet advertising model on Google brings up my Sell Side Advertising post.

importance of gilgamesh also on Google brings up my post on Gilgamesh, Search, and Immortality

hdtv from comcast on AOL brings up my rant on Comcast’s terrible HDTV DVR

and so on. It’s cool.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Ad


    It is really interesting looking at the real-time search terms that come to this site. Could you get a banner that auto refreshes?

    It would be great if you could share your stats – especially the search terms.

    What are the Top 20 Search Terms that bring people to this site?

  2. nmw says:

    Is “comcast” a keyword? What does it mean? I usually consider brandnames and words to be mutually exclusive sets — but perhaps there is a “fuzzy” set somewhere in the middle?

    🙂 nmw