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A Hint On Google's Phone Philosophy…

By - September 05, 2007

…can be found here on Matt Cutts blog:

So lots of people want to write independent/third-party native apps that run on the iPhone. The problem is that while Apple hasn’t squashed the development of native apps, they haven’t helped, either….

…Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t provided any documentation on the application programming interface (API) or system libraries that would allow people to write native applications for the iPhone. Luckily, dedicated people have helped to produce not only a toolchain but also to fill in documentation on the system APIs that the iPhone supports. In the same way that Apple desktop machines have a framework called AppKit, the iPhone has a user-interface (UI) framework called UIKit.

Now, why would Google’s best known developer evangelist be telling his audience how to write web apps for the iPhone? Hmmmm?

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2 thoughts on “A Hint On Google's Phone Philosophy…

  1. Matt Cutts says:

    I promise, it’s just me talking about tinkering with my iPhone (which I love).

  2. Randall Newton says:

    Matt, your protests fall on deaf ears. We all know a good conspiracy when we see one.