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Hypertext Solutions

By - August 06, 2007


Apparently Paul Allen is throwing his hat into the next generation semantic search game. From this blog posting (thanks reader Charles), we learn that

Hypertext Solutions, a Seattle startup in stealth mode (they are hiring), has purchased the assets of a search technology called InFact (original page is dead, here is a Google cache) from Insightful Corp. The release is here.

Paul Allen is reportedly behind Hypertext Solutions. I am not finding it easy to confirm that. However, the blog posting, from a fellow involved in the tranasction, says Hypertext Solutions is “building upon the world’s best NLP based text analysis and search platform”. I’ve got some feelers out…

Udpate, yeah, it’s easy – Vulcan is an investor.

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2 thoughts on “Hypertext Solutions

  1. Jordan says:

    I talked to someone who interviewed there. Didn’t find out anything about their product, but did find out that Vulcan / Paul Allen is incubating this company.

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