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Facebook in Play?

By - June 07, 2007


More rumors. If Yahoo does win Facebook, that’d be quite a coup, even at $2 billion, I’d warrant. But, Google has a way of swooping in at the last minute and winning the deal. If Google bought Facebook, would that be a shark-jumping move? Would that be Google simply owning too much of the current web?

Related: Murdoch in the Journal: “We’ve got to find new ways and new business models to get revenues. Or else the world is going to be owned by Google.”

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7 thoughts on “Facebook in Play?

  1. Matt Cox says:

    I don’t think anyone will get it. And if they do, I hope it’s Yahoo!.

  2. Alex S says:

    I don’t reckon anyone will get it either. But I’d rather Google own it instead of Yahoo! as it could sync perfectly with the current Google Apps.

  3. Brian Combs says:

    At what point has Google acquired more than they can absorb?

  4. Americo says:

    Good grief,

    Murdoch is feeling the heat, but he has a point. Google should slow down or there could be some fallout.

  5. Svetlana Gladkova says:

    It is quite obvious that Google is trying to play the same role online as Microsoft in the desktop applications. And I can not say I actually object to it – Google only adds the best into its collection and usually the apps fit rather well into the Google mosaic. What I don’t understand is what Google will do with Facebook if it gets it – it already has Orkut, and Facebook will be the second social network. We have already seen Yahoo! abandoning Yahoo! photos in favor of Flickr but how Orkut users could be transferred into Facebook?

  6. Leigh Ann says:

    Better for Google to own the whole world than Rupert Murdoch

  7. Deepak says:

    I’d rather no one get it. Facebook is a platform in its own right.