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Update: MSFT and Yahoo are NOT Talking

By - May 04, 2007

That’s what the Journal is saying.

I say, they are ALWAYS talking. They should always be talking. More thoughts when the day quiets down…

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6 thoughts on “Update: MSFT and Yahoo are NOT Talking

  1. DavidDalka says:

    With the number of times this rumor keeps appearing, in my experience it’s that a certain investment banking group knows that they could have a big payday and thinks if they whisper it enough it can become a reality.

    The obstacles to merging these two companies effectively would be challenging and would likely divert energy that could be spent innovating or executing.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Apparently, the richest man in the world can’t even buy himself a clue nowadays.

  3. tbob says:

    Someone should take the Post and WSJ to task on this. Who got rich of this b.s. rumor? The Post and WSJ got played. So much for their sources

  4. John says:

    I think I hear something… Oh just the sound of a few hundred thousand Yahoo users changing their home page.

  5. John's post is lame says:

    John, no one is changing their homepage over this news and you are not witty.

  6. geri says:

    Rumors… Rumors… It all makes for interesting reading.. But will it ever happen?