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Barr Bares

By - May 25, 2007

Jeff Barr, who works at Amazon, discusses his go rounds with Google recruiters:

They were almost ready to make the “can’t refuse” offer but the process became bogged down when I couldn’t recall my college GPA. Given that I earned my degree in 1985 and have been earning a living by writing code since I was 15 or 16, this didn’t seem all that essential.

Funny thing is, I now have several more emails in my inbox from other Google recruiters. After reading these emails it appears that they don’t know that I interviewed there last year! Perhaps they don’t have this data in searchable form. Could that be?

The comments are very interesting as well.

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Privacy and the EU: Watch This Space

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Google Inc., owner of the world’s most popular search engine, may be violating the European Union’s privacy laws by storing information on customer queries for as long as two years, advisers to EU regulators told the company.

Google’s privacy counsel in Paris, Peter Fleischer, said the company received a letter this month from the EU’s data-protection advisory agency asking it to explain why records of user searches are retained.

The scrutiny of policies at Google, the gateway to the Internet for tens of millions of users, has increased since it announced plans in April to buy New York-based online advertiser DoubleClick Inc. for $3.1 billion. Regulators have said that competition among Google, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. to deliver ads to specific users may violate civil liberties.

More on privacy from Searchblog.

Google Keeps Taking Search Share

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Robert Peck (Bear Stearns) analysis of recent Comscore search share numbers:

GOOGLE: SIGNIFICANT SHARE GAIN AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE. According to comScore data release yesterday, Google once again posted solid domestic market share gains of 140 bps in April 07 to reach domestic market share at 49.7%, up from 48.3% in March 07. Google grew search queries by 27% YoY in March 07. While this growth level almost triples the industry growth at 10.5% YoY, it continued the deceleration trajectory of Google’s YoY growth rate. Q/Q, Google searches grew 12% (April over January), tracking ahead of our top line seq. growth projection of 6% for 2Q07.

· YAHOO. Google’s share gain came at the expense of almost all top search sites and Yahoo! took the largest hit as it lost 70 bps in market share and came in at 26.8% in April 07. Yahoo continued to be the second fastest growing search site YoY among the top five with growth of 5.7% YoY, down significantly from the 12.7% reported in March 07. However, Yahoo’s YoY growth is still behind that of the industry at 10.5%. Q/Q, Yahoo searches grew 2%, tracking behind our seq. growth projection for search revenues at 4% for 2Q07.

· MSN, AOL & ASK. MSN posted 60bps share loss facing Google’s strong share gain and came in at 10.3%. AOL stayed flat at 5%; however, we think this could be aided by the addition of several sub-channels by comScore. Ask Network lost 10bps and came in at 5.1% in April 07.’s market share, on the other hand, remained flat at 2.2% in April 07. While Ask Network’s search queries were down slightly YoY, search queries grew 2% YoY.

· SEARCHES PER SEARCHER. We took a look at monthly searches per searcher as Google has stated this metric is important as it shows mind share. Google is leading the pack and came in at an average of 31 searches per searcher per month. Yahoo came in at a distant second with 22 searches per searcher per month while MSN, AOL and Ask were all around the low teen vicinity.


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Today I am traveling, light posting. For your enjoyment, play with Babelplex. It’s a new twist on translation search, which has been around since Alta Vista….using Google’s translation service.

The Day I Ask a Search Engine "What Shall I Do Tomorrow" …

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…or “What Job Should I Take” is the day one of you, please, should put me out of my misery. Some things are simply best left to conversation and that messy thing called human relationships. Hell, once I can have that kind of a conversation with a search engine, it’s entirely arguable if the search engine is anything other than a human being, right?

From the FT:

Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, said gathering more personal data was a key way for Google to expand and the company believes that is the logical extension of its stated mission to organise the world’s information.

Asked how Google might look in five years’ time, Mr Schmidt said: “We are very early in the total information we have within Google. The algorithms will get better and we will get better at personalisation.

“The goal is to enable Google users to be able to ask the question such as ‘What shall I do tomorrow?’ and ‘What job shall I take?’ ”

Ask Advice

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RWW and CenterNetworks have tons of advice for Ask, not that Ask asked…but when you plan to spend $100mm in marketing money, folks are going to start talking, that’s for sure!