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3 thoughts on “Of Note

  1. BODY GUARDS says:

    Obama actually led the way by urging media companies to take that stance.

    Hopefully, others will follow CNNs lead – and not only make their Presidential debates coverage public, but all major political events covered that will be of historical significance.

  2. Mike Torres says:

    Is Microsoft really playing catch up here? Look at the numbers:

    And note that Hotmail is the only large scale web mail provider out of beta with AJAX, not to mention full Outlook synchronization – not POP. Looks to me like Microsoft is leading actually 😉

  3. macbeach says:

    Let’s see now:

    Gmail had POP from the beginning and offered 1Gig of storage. Gmails POP supported Outlook, Outlook Express and dozens of other e-mail programs from the start.

    Microsoft bumped storage for Hotmail several times to match Gmail. Now they are adding Outlook synchronization using some secret protocol that will never work with a competing e-mail client program. Yep Microsoft is leading again. Leading it’s customers by the rings installed in their noses. And many of the customers will willingly follow.