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News: Google Analytics Upgraded

By - May 08, 2007

Google today announced a new version of Google Analytics. From the release mailed to me:

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced a new version of its powerful web analytics solution, Google Analytics™. The new version of Google Analytics was unveiled today at the EMetrics Summit taking place in San Francisco. Google Analytics, a free enterprise-class solution, enables executives, marketers and website owners to understand how their users interact with their website and maximize online business. Google has completely redesigned the product and enhanced the feature set through new email reporting, customizable dashboards, improved map displays, and plain language descriptions to make important information more accessible. …..

…..In the new version of Google Analytics, data is concentrated into combinations of reports, allowing users to make informed decisions about site management and Google AdWords™ campaigns. Google Analytics tracks the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives such as display campaigns or cost-per-click programs and creates e-mail reports that can be scheduled and distributed to colleagues.

I asked Google to answer this one question:

How does Google use the data it has access to through Google Analytics?

I’ll report back when I get an answer….

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9 thoughts on “News: Google Analytics Upgraded

  1. epictum says:

    Niiiiice. Urchin rocks! But I really don’t know why there are so many reviews out there that suggest GA’s hard to use. I find its rival Clicktracks incredibly obnoxious with all its frames, tags and what-nots. Hopefully, GA will have a PDF import on this version.

  2. epictum says:

    and by import i really mean export. sorry about the double-post… just had to clarify.

  3. eightblack says:

    John, I interviewed Avinash Kaushik last week, the Analytics Evangelist for Google. The recording and MP3 for download is here.
    Transcript is on its way.

  4. Web design site says:

    I think it is good work and we can take vip result for us analitistik.

  5. will johnson says:

    John – looks like Google is finally integrating the MeasureMap product that they acquired over a year ago (and that was highlighted at your Web 2.0 conference in the Fall of 2005).

  6. Rohn says:

    I will be very interested to hear Googles reply on how they use the data… if they answer at all. 😉

  7. adverlicious says:

    epictum – GA’s PDF export capability is now very robust. The Google guy specifically bragged in depth about high resolution vector-based graphics that allow “billboard-sized” printing. Reports can be emailed to any/all colleagues daily. Pretty sweet 😉

    And if you’re worried about how their using your data, you’re a few years too late. They already read our email (gmail), watch us surf (toolbar and wifi), read our documents (g docs), know our searches and clicks, etc.

  8. The Web 2.0 conference was great, Google integrating the MeasureMap product! Google Analytics Upgraded , about time now

  9. Marketing says:

    New version looks very good. However there are 2 things I really do not like about Analytics:
    – I can not see exact sites from which I recived vistors through context network;
    – it is not possible to export more than 100 rows of any data. It make very hard some analyses, like the long tail.