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Google Wow's Em At Where

By - May 29, 2007

Google has once again taken a good idea from a competitor (in this case, A9’s Block View) and taken to the next level. Check out this review from Where 2.0:

Goog Live Maps

This morning Google gave their 2D maps an incredible realworld addition. Its a street-view, that in certain cities, will let you get a street side view of the area you are currently in. This is not just a static, A9-style image. It will also let you move along the street in a smooth manner and even more amazing it will let you change your angle and continue moving that way. This will be formally launched at Where 2.0 later today.

As you can see from my probably-confusing-words above, this is something that you must interact with to really understand. It’s awesome. Go. Check. It. Out. Now.

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