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Query? Who Needs A Query?

By - April 18, 2007

Not us. Not with Google. SEL has a good overview of Google’s news (referenced in the last post):

Google is rolling out two features today that subtly but meaningfully enhance the level of personalization offered to anyone with a Google account. And while they’re tied to your search behavior, they don’t directly alter the standard search results you see, even if you’ve enabled personalization by searching while signed in to Google account.

The first feature allows you to add a “recommendations” tab to a Google personalized home page….The second feature is a new button for the Google Toolbar called “picks for you.” Clicking this button displays one of 50 new sites every day, chosen for you based on your search history and what others have searched for. Clicking the button successively displays each new pick in turn.

This is remarkably similar to the “Stumble” button on the StumbleUpon toolbar.

Uh huh.

Look guys. Let’s not fools ourselves here. This timing is not coincidental. It rarely is.

But, I like where this is going, regardless of the temporary politics of acquisition. Let’s push the search interface as far as it can go. It means one thing – the faster we go, the sooner the next Google breaks out….

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