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4 thoughts on “Google Joins the Conversation in Maps

  1. Geo says:

    I’m glad to see that Google has finally gotten around to doing this, it’s been an obvious need for a very long time. Thank you for posting it. When was it released?

  2. Trogdor says:

    Nice to see this available. Ask has had it since December; it’s about time Google started to catch up.

    About a month ago, Ask added a subsequent new feature: draw a shape, and it’ll let you search within that shape. Can Google’s upgrades do this?

  3. says:

    Nice to see this.good

  4. BHB jW says:

    It has now been a couple of months since the release of Google Maps and I am impressed with the amount of content that this program has encouraged. I find Google Maps very easy to use and through the My Maps feature I am now able to find some niche local search results such as where the closest ATM or public washroom is. There is so much content, that it will have to be a bottom up content endeavour to get every street corner etc. covered off. Google has the right approach by providing its users with tools.