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Conversational Search

By - April 15, 2007

Data Gets Down

Is getting closer….Infoweek:

Some people read tea leaves to predict the future. Stephen Arnold reads Google patents, and right now he’s focusing his attention on United States Patent 7,027,987 voice interface for a search engine.

Arnold, a Google expert who has written a book on the search leader, believes the patent is a roadmap to Google’s future in voice search applications. He said the patent reveals that the company has plans to use voice search across the board for a wide variety of devices big and small and for an equally wide swath of applications ranging from voice-to-text products to a variety of telecommunications uses.

“Google is optimizing voice search to run on Google’s data centers,” said Arnold in an interview Friday. “There’s no limit to how they can scale it. They can embed the function on mobile phones, on browsers, on chips, and even on big mainframes. It’s entirely device independent.”

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3 thoughts on “Conversational Search

  1. Jeremy Zawodny says:

    There is always a limit…

  2. Jeff Dalton says:

    Good point Jeremy.

    Take this and anything else by this “Google expert” with a grain of salt.

    Stephen’s claim to fame, his “book” is really an e-book, published by Infonortics (a search conference company) for a mere $180… but it is enough to get quoted in major news publications.

    And don’t get my started on the absurdity of “Googlezon”…

  3. gzino says:

    Jeremy, Jeff – sure there are limits, but isn’t this much closer to the Google core than to their growing edges? I blogged more details here after reading the O’Reilly post…isn’t this close enough to Google’s search/advertising spine to be very interesting…