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An Interview with Google Offline (Radio/TV) Competitor SWMX

By - April 06, 2007


Henry Blodget offers this interview Josh Wexler, founder of SoftWave Media Exchange, which competes with Google’s nascent efforts in the radio and TV world. From Henry’s summary of the interview:

* Despite investing heavily in its radio and TV placement efforts, Google is badly lagging SWMX, especially in radio.

* In radio, Google sells remnant inventory, but the real business is in regularly scheduled inventory. SWMX generates more than 80% of its revenue from this.

* Google’s attitude–revolutionize the way advertisers buy advertising–has offended many traditional media owners and is hampering growth. SWMX is growing rapidly because it facilitates existing business practices.

* The current process by which radio and TV advertising is bought and sold is grossly inefficient. This creates an opportunity for electronic marketplaces.

* eBay’s media-selling initiative was considered ‘dead on arrival.’

* Companies like Spot Runner, which generate a lot of buzz, focus primarily on content creation and campaign planning. These companies are complementary to SWMX, which focuses on the back-end.

* SWMX expects to turn cash-flow positive later this year. Wexler believes the company’s current cash position will support its near-term initiatives.

* If Google were to buy a company like SWMX, this would require a change of approach to the radio and TV markets.

* The Google-Echostar announcement is more style than substance.

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