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New Yahoo Mobile Search

By - March 20, 2007

News from Yahoo on mobile search:

Today we are launching Yahoo! oneSearch on our Yahoo! Mobile Web service, which is accessible to the more than 85 percent of you in the US who can use a browser on your mobile phones.

If you ever tried using mobile search before today, you’re familiar with the list of links you get as your search result, just like those you’re used to getting on your PC. But is that what you really want on your phone, where networks are not yet DSL-fast and some of you have to pay to load every page? All the consumers we’ve talked to back us up on this: You want instant answers, right on the results page — not a list of links. That’s just what Yahoo! oneSearch does — we give you the answers you want in just one search.

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One thought on “New Yahoo Mobile Search

  1. It’s a great strategy and the most compelling mobile search/portal experience I’ve seen so far. Much better than anything the carriers have been able to come up with in the 8+ years they’ve had to build the market.

    Detailed review here: