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By - February 08, 2007

GigaOm: Telcos Target Google in ‘Neutrality’ Fight

If you like your wrestling with mud, this is the place to watch.

TechCrunch: NBC Piles On Google – YouTube Strategy in Question

And…we’re surprised?

The deals are not going as the majors want them to go. The millions are not in their bank account, and the honeymoon is over.

Digg: Cingular CEO bragging about Apple “bending” to his lock-in demands

Old, but good. Steve Jobs calls them “orifices”. But we all need an asshole now and then, don’t we Steve?

Threadwatch: Google and Other Internet Giants to Create a Code of Conduct

I predict that this will be forgotten in about…wait, this was a week ago. It’s already forgotten.

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