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MSFT Goes Wifi

By - November 16, 2006

All I can say is, please, keep up the competition. I’d love a chance to select from three different Wifi carriers in every major city, each of them free/advertising based. Wifi these days sucks. I mean, ten bucks for a one time connection in the airport? And there’s never a consistent interface – I have like ten accounts on five different services, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. No single carrier has coverage around the country, so there’s no point in getting one service plan. I very much hope Microsoft and Google push this world toward a better place.

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2 thoughts on “MSFT Goes Wifi

  1. Andrew Lacey says:

    Agree with the sentiment, but I’d prefer at these one of three be advertising free and a pay service. I’d like to pay and have the service beholden only to me.

  2. Might it be that broadband ISPs are missing a trick here? Here in the UK, BT Broadband gives its customers a bundle of 250 wireless minutes which can be used anywhere there is a BT Broadband Wireless sign. One can buy more minutes if one wishes.

    In the US there is much regional fragmentation (yes I know it is called competition but the frustration that the consumer experiences forces me to call it what it really looks like, much like the banking networks in the US..). But partnerships across regions cannot be ruled out, can they? In any case, I would rather pay than watch silly advertising.