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Top Sites, August

By - September 13, 2006

Comscore Chart

UBS issued a report this week analyzing Comscore data on the top ten web destinations. It’s not on the web, so if you are interested, you can download it here (pdf).

The top sites by page views are:

1) Yahoo!

2) Fox Interactive Media

3) MSN-Microsoft

4) Time Warner Network

5) eBay

6) Google


8) Craigslist

9) Viacom

10) Comcast

Interesting to see Comcast on the list, they are getting serious about being an advertising player on the web. Fox jumps to #2 thanks to MySpace.

When you change the metric to uniques, the list changes in some interesting ways, and looks like this:

1) Yahoo!

2) Time Warner Network

3) MSN-Microsoft

4) Google

5) eBay

6) Fox Interactive Media

7) Ask

8) Amazon

9) New York Times

10) Verizon

I wonder if that’s just Ask, or IAC as a whole.

The report has some details on MySpace’s growth, showing 17.7mm uniques in June of 05, and nearly 56mm in August 06. There’s also a fun (but a bit difficult to grok) chart showing minutes/session, pages/day, and days/month for each site (it’s at right as well).

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One thought on “Top Sites, August

  1. It would be nice to get statistics on the overall profiles of visitors. Not all visitors are equal from a marketing standpoint.

    Of the TOP 10, Which site’s visitors on the average are the highest Socio-economically – and Eduacation wise?

    Which has the most advanced gurus or geeks on the average?

    That additional information would really enhance that report from a marketing standpoint.

    There probably are substantial differences between the Facebook regulars – versus the New York Times