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China Is One Tough Nut To Crack

By - September 14, 2006

Logo CnThis item on Poynter Online caught my eye: Google Losing Traction in China. From the post:

In Beijing, the only city for which detailed results were made available, Baidu’s market share rose by 13 percent from one year ago to 65.4 percent, the survey showed. Google fell by 12.3 percent, from 32.9 percent to 20.6 percent.

That is a rather dramatic drop — and bad news for a company that only started to invest seriously in China at the beginning of this year. Moving into China had brought the US company only bad news, as they are losing the strong position they had before they were present in China.

Billsdue correctly points out that other U.S. giants, Yahoo and eBay, have similar bad records in China.

Google recently sold off its stake in Baidu as it girded for a full blown assault on the checkered country. Ouch.

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