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8 thoughts on “Slow….

  1. Stan says:


    I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. StevieD says:

    John — I had shoulder surgery in March (torn rotator cuff repair and labrum repair), and can relate. My recovery has been gradual, but always “up and to the right”. I’m a surfer, so recovery, for me, means being able to surf again. The shoulder’s a complicated joint. My advice: do your physical therapy homework as diligently and consistently as possible. It’s just as important as the surgery itself. The shoulder has a tendency to freeze up, and getting full range of motion is key. Good luck, Steve

  3. Tery Spataro says:

    Hi John – all the best with recovery. Eat lots of pineapple it helps with inflammation. Couple of years ago I was running in Central Park & was hit by a crazy speed biker on cell phone. My shoulder was broken in 2 spots. I hate pain killers so ate lots of pineapple which reduced the swelling and healed a lot faster.

  4. Mark Maunder says:

    Get well soon John.

  5. Try Podcasting for those days when you can’t type.

    A Web 2.0 Blog – should be in the forefront of including all of these technologies ;-)

  6. Keith Cash says:

    Hope you feel better. Those spammers keep hitting my email everyday. Maybe we need to enact a law????

  7. Joe Hunkins says:

    Hey, get well soon, or at least wait until you can download your brain into a synthetic network and it can keep posting for us… wait…is that really YOU writing above?

  8. ateeq ahmad says:

    Get well soon! I think you have atleast one more book to write. 8-)