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Google Video distribution, MTV deal

By - August 08, 2006

As previously reported, Google announced a new program allowing users to distribute ad-sponsored video streaming on websites and blogs. Google kicks-off its trial later this month in a partnership with MTV. I spoke with David Eun, VP of Google Content Partnerships, to get more detail.

Google plans to use the trial period as experimental research to determine the final layout of ad types and the pricing systems. For the trial, MTV will sell and serve its own ads. The ads will be video spliced into the content, for the trial and forward.

Google has not yet revealed other partnership negotiations in the wing, but an established deal with Viacom’s MTV begs speculation about future deals on Viacom’s full array of content subsidiaries. The biggest challenge Eun foresees is ramping up business development to the expectations of their partners.

Google says publishers, advertisers and content owners are relying more on Google as a network supporting media distribution–first for hosting, then serving, and now monetizing.

With a stress on scale, Eun said that the technology and publisher network already exists in the AdSense network.

“We already have thousands of advertisers and content owners in our network. And now we can work together to make more money for everyone involved,” he todl me. Eun muses that this “will hopefully turn into a virtuous circle.”

Eun did not detail if ads would continue to be sold algorithmically, or directly by Google’s ad sales team.

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