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By - August 06, 2006

That’s Google’s US search share, Hitwise says.

Search Engine Share 72906.Png

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3 thoughts on “60%

  1. Chris says:


    Thats really interesting – In the uk its 75% + (depending on who you ask!!). Is this up or down from previous figures?

    Chris Cathcart

  2. Trogdor says:

    But why does this differ so greatly from ComScore’s numbers? Earlier this year, they put G at about 42% of the domestic (US) search market, with Y at 28%, MSN at 14%, and AOL & Ask duking it out for the other 14%.

    What gives? Who can one trust (nobody, I know … )

  3. Andreas Ramos says:

    These numbers are seriously incorrect. Those in the industry know this. Yet the media and analysts keep reporting these numbers. Whatever.