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Krugle Goes Public Beta This Week

By - July 08, 2006

Krugle, an open source code search engine, quietly launched its public beta this week. I wrote about it previously here, when it launched its alpha.

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7 thoughts on “Krugle Goes Public Beta This Week

  1. Keith Cash says:

    Note: It is not set to work with IE7

    Got this message
    We’re sorry – your browser environment is not currently supported by Krugle Search.

  2. Also got a browser not supported message with Camino on Mac OS X. Kind of ironic that an open source search engine does not work in an open source web browser.

  3. It doesn’t even support the Googlebot (I switched my user agent to test it) 🙂

  4. Derek says:

    WOW! I’m shareware developer (audio related) and I didn’t know of this resource. Great idea! And what surprised me most: I found a link to one of my own SHAREWARE programs! Pity it was a link to SHARE-UP resource, not to my project home website.
    Anyway hope for KRUGLE to grow up. Many times it takes hours and days to find a piece of good code.

  5. Ellis says:

    Maybe they have there own version of open source.

  6. Darryl W says:

    looks like it works ok with firefox. At least it works with something

  7. Bob Cagle says:

    Browser support is certainly a hot priority for Krugle and given the AJAX interface, it is a bit of a tricky problem. In order to get the look and feel we were after, there is a bit going on in the interface. There are subtle, but important issues that have surfaced on some specific versions of the above mentioned browsers, and we are working as fast as we can to get those issue resolved so we can open up access to more. In response to the users on this subject, we are seriously considering just putting up a warning for the unverified browsers before letting them in.