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  • Jeremy Palmer

    Makes you realize just how much Ask’s search results suck.

  • Jerry Gates

    This is your Fathers Search Nngine…. Results looked good for me, so I dont know what this other bozo was talking about…

  • Randy F Price

    AMEN Brothers & Sisters… KISS!

  • Rog

    Is bigger font going to help me with search, I thought it was suppose to be the results and not the font size.

  • Evan Rudowski

    Hi John,
    This one may be too obvious. The Opera browser has had this magnification feature for years, which is why I use it on my widescreen, high-res laptop. And the new Internet Explorer 7.0 beta has it too.

  • Mike

    You can easily magnify search results in firefox too, that thing is definitely cool and interesting, but looks more like a fun stuff, not a search engine people would be willing to use regulary..

  • Lois

    I think the domain name is worth more than this site.