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When You're Worth More Than Ten Billion…

By - May 30, 2006

Page Ziet

…next quarter’s numbers don’t really get you going. What might? Well, I’ve been on about this a lot in the past, but how about solving the Turing test? This Channel 4 piece (UK) covers Google’s European Zeitgeist conference. In the piece, Page is asked about what his ideal search engine would be: His answers: “The ultimate search engine would understand everything in the world,” Page says. “In computer science we call that Artificial Intelligence.”

More detail (much) here at the Memepunks blog.

Page and Schmidt are also asked about China, and privacy, and give the same answers they’ve given elsewhere. Save Page’s quote on waiting to go into China: “We took a principled stand for a long time….and all we did was lose marketshare.” Thanks KK.

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7 thoughts on “When You're Worth More Than Ten Billion…

  1. King Troll says:


    John not fair how you delete my First! posts. You should be thanking me that i’m a loyal reader.

  2. dumbfounder says:

    Apparently Page thinks that taking a stand against censorship isn’t worth anything if you are just going to give up. That is a great message to the youth of today. You might as well all take to the street and become whores right now, you run the risk of losing marketshare to other whores.

  3. Compare it to this Video Interview of Page and Schmidt

  4. Memepunks says:

    We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further developements in the Google AI story.

    John, thanks for mentioning us. I really enjoyed your book. Keep the good stuff coming, and thanks for reading Memepunks!

  5. Jean-Marie Le Ray says:

    Hi John,

    Here is the sequel
    Kind regards,

  6. Tee says:

    Thanks for the report

    Many greetings from Germany


  7. D-B says:

    John not fair how you delete my First! posts. You should be thanking me that i’m a loyal reader..Sohbet

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