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News: Yahoo Launches Major Update to Ad Platform

By - May 07, 2006


I’m plum tuckered out (always wanted to say that) from finishing up the first draft of my paperback chapter (wooohoooo) but it’s worth noting that Yahoo is rolling out a major update to its ad platform tonight. I got a run through from Tim Cadogan at Yahoo late last week, and the new interface is slick as can be, and very clearly targets what Yahoo believes are weaknesses in Google’s AdWords platform. I’ll have more later…but for now, here’s MSNBC’s story.

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5 thoughts on “News: Yahoo Launches Major Update to Ad Platform

  1. Neil Patel says:

    Using the CTR model would be a smart move for them. It will not just benefit the advertiser, but it will also bring more relevant ads to the searcher. This would be a good start for them because they have more problems that need to fixed such as their user interface for advertisers.

  2. This is a great move for Yahoo. Everyone is psyched. Now, they need to focus the same energy and level of quality enhancements to their customer service. I think many platinum advertisers would agree with me.

  3. Was this leak and announcement timed to alleviate some to the PR damage from the highly publicized Class Action Click Fraud Suit – or was it just a coincidence?

    All of this GLOSS is Fine, but it STILL does NOT address the conspicuous void of Click Fraud.

    No amount of Cosmetic or Strategic changes can mask the fact that there exists deep concern among Advertisers that they are being cheated!

    New tech is constantly being released or tweaked designed to deceive the Search Engines and harm competitors. It is NOT hard to imagine that this will get even more advanced.

    Few companies would have the nerve or finances to persist in lawsuits against giants like GYM, which is why this has continued for years.

    If Yahoo’s official announcement – due within hours – does NOT credibly address this matter and highlight steps to redress, it would really illustrate their sheer lack of concern.

  4. Richard says:

    About time, Yahoo have been leaving so many clicks on the table through having a terrible interface.

  5. Totally aggree with you, well said