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Melanie RoundUp – Brief Weekend Edition

By - May 06, 2006

Quintura Search Approaches Launch

Quintura Search brings out version 1.5 boasting “complex query using a map of related words.” It’s generating some buzz as intuitively easy to understand – its display is interactive and lively, with fairly rewarding results.

Some initial questions after I checked-out the
demo (I didn’t fool around with the program because you need IE to install). What if the secondary search term you want isn’t displayed? It’s not clear if the order in which you choose the search terms effects the results. Quintura looks to be a great tool for exploration, for example of linguistic association or hierarchal learning, but it’s potential to compete directly with single-entry search looks murky. Even if not a replacement to the titans, Quintura is adding a welcome dimension to the evolution of search.

Microsoft Answers with QnA Beta

Windows Live QnA Beta is expected soon, providing some competition in Q&A service to Yahoo! Answers (free, community/amateurs) and Google Answers (paid researchers, community comments). QnA is a collaborative effort–with individual ranking and community exchange. Based on precedent, Resource Shelf expects it to be free. From Live: “ask any question and get the 411 from people who have the answers you’re looking for. Everybody’s an expert on something–including you–so tap into that collective brain power and contribute your own.” The curious can sign onto the beta list here.

More MSFT: A Froogle Foe, Live Products

TechCrunch makes some comparisons: an important difference between Froogle and Live Products, however. Froogle takes data from merchants via a push model (merchants use a Froogle API to include information), whereas Live Products pulls the data from the main Live Search web index – so Live Producst is presenting crawled results and algorithmic ranking. Merchants will be included if they are in the index without taking any additional steps.

Live Products is not as good as Froogle yet, although a big part of this may be due to the fact that Froogle, with their push model, obtain very structured data from merchants. Live Products, in contrast, structures the data directly.

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3 thoughts on “Melanie RoundUp – Brief Weekend Edition

  1. Yakov says:

    I’d like to add that Quintura offers an interactive approach to searching where you get the relevant results faster and more efficiently.
    If the secondary search term you want isn’t displayed, please double-click on the empty place of a visual map to display the query box, and then enter the appropriate word, several words, or phrase/words in quotation marks.
    We’re planning to launch a web-based service by the end of May. Then no download will be required!

  2. Carlos Odio says:

    Here’s what I’m asking myself with the new Microsoft stuff: Why the distinction between Live Product Search and Live Shopping? Why treat true search as separate?

    I must at least give them credit for attempting to do some real crawling and extracting, which is more difficult than relying on data feeds and less profitable than charging for inclusion.

    What we’re seeing today in the shopping space is the model versus the Google model, and not even Froogle is succeeding at the latter. I’ll admit personal bias, but Microsoft isn’t pulling data as well as ShopWiki, which is still the best search engine for shopping. I’d love to see other shopping sites enter the crawl-and-extract game.

  3. Quintura was translated in french by (Yohanan Ouaknine). The Hebrew version is on its way.
    Yohanan Ouaknine