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The Friday Update

By - April 07, 2006

Yahoo updates MyWeb. I really think the concepts are sound here. And I still think the concepts are ahead of the community. For now.

The Base rollouts continue. Read/Write has a nice list.

MSN Search goes down.

Zimbra gets nearly $15 million in funding. Holy sh*t. Might this be the….Writely effect? And YouTube gets $8mm. Might this be the….er….YouTube effect?!

We knew this was coming: Yahoo is testing relevance rank in YPN, its AdWords competitor.

SJ Merc: If Inc. were a band, it would be ‘Nsync.

Fred wants a Tredoputer. I do too. No, wait, something about this is just plain WRONG….

GM self serve ads get hammered. But GM sees the silver lining.

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Update

  1. MSN has formally apologized on their Blog, with mixed reactions by the commenters.

    As of yet, they still are attempting to uncover the reasons behind the outage.

  2. fred says:

    there is nothing wrong with wanting a treadoputer other than the cost!