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By - April 20, 2006

Is coming fast.

Miro Res

First, you know I am not a huge fan of the doodles, but I like today’s – celebrating Miro. (My favorite is still Braille….)

Next, Google Page Creator is now open to anyone with a Google account. (Thanks Rick)

A major piece on Google (and others) and China is coming from the NYT Magazine.

Om finds MSFT is preparing a response to Google in storage.

Google Cars? Yup, another Base implementation.

Calendar now has an API.

Inevitable: Google using Flash ads to promote itself.

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3 thoughts on “Google News

  1. Google Keyword Tool (external): what do you think of it?

  2. Brandon Byers says:

    The Miro logo was taken down … Seems the “current owners” of Miro’s works feel their copyright was infringed, and that G should at least have asked them first. On the one hand, it seems somewhat silly, as whether G used parts of Miro works or not, it serves to promote his work, period … on the other hand, this may be seen as another case of G doing whatever the hell it wants, and asking permission? Google doesn’t need to do this, as they’ve always got the best intentions at heart, and you can trust them …

    The “Google Cars” was interesting when I tried it, but while looking for a used car … well, I already *know* that the location is nearby, so showing the lat/lon in those SERPs isn’t that useful for me. What *would* be useful, though, would be an indication of what that car’s mileage is. I’d like to see a drop-down to sort results by that. Perhaps I’m more pragmatic than most.

    Finally, the flash ads … I just don’t get what’s unusual about this. Is it ads for G promoting G within an AdSense box? Now *that* would be something. But flash ads about G in and of themselves … I’ve been seeing those on Slashdot for years now.

  3. I test drove the Google Page Creator yesterday for a short while. While I applaud Google, as a hardcore Googlephile, I still must say I’m sadly underwhelmed.

    The web page templates are not very attractive. I have trouble getting to the Edit HTML tool. I cannot at this point generate a fair usability review, but I quickly ran into some real frustrations.

    Is this a Web Page version of Google’s Blogger/Blogspot?

    As a beta, it is not pretending to be ready for full rollout to the general public, so I will try to more fully explore it later.

    Thanks for the link to it, John. What do you think of it?