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Cnet Says: Click Fraud Won't Go Away

By - April 10, 2006

Maybe the truth is, stories about click fraud won’t go away….HIghlights:

A lack of clear standards for determining what is a fraudulent click, or some sort of third-party clearinghouse to monitor the situation, means some advertisers believe they can’t do much more than head to the courts when they think there’s a problem….

…Some experts say the solution is to have an independent auditor that would use data from the search engines and advertisers to determine in a neutral environment whether clicks are fraudulent.

Google and Yahoo, however, appear reluctant to embrace that idea.

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5 thoughts on “Cnet Says: Click Fraud Won't Go Away

  1. Brad Twohig says:

    Good news for guys like Tom over at ClickForensics and Micheal over at ClickTracker. Question is who will win the horse race? I would love to hear your opinion on how you see this one shaking out.

  2. Todd says:

    similar to something like credit cards, i think you have to be willing tolerate a certain level of fraud…but click fraud seems pretty rampant right now

  3. In doing research on DNS Cache Poisoning and a recent topics at WebmasterWorld concerning DNS Recursion, I came across this interesting piece that is directly related to click fraud. It’s from 2005 April, but I do believe this particular method has been on the rise and few are aware that it is happening. 🙁

  4. gregbo says:

    As long as there are unhappy advertisers, and evidence (and proof!) of click fraud found, there will continue to be articles written about it.

  5. Kurt Liska says:

    Careful, John.

    You seem to be suggesting that click fraud is a pseudo problem. Don’t let your many friends in the industry feed you that line. Out here in small business land click fraud threatens to undermine the entire industry. Remember, 98% of SME folks don’t study this stuff. We just see dollars going down the tubes.