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Once Again, MSFT Says It Will Be Better, Just You Wait

By - March 01, 2006

This time, it’s the company’s European chief, saying MSFT will be better in the US. Huh? From the Reuters story:

Microsoft (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) will introduce a search engine better than Google (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research) in six months in the United States and Britain followed by Europe, its European president said on Wednesday.

“What we’re saying is that in six months’ time we’ll be more relevant in the U.S. market place than Google,” said Neil Holloway, Microsoft president for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Call me thick, but what the hell is this guy talking about? A statement like this should be coming from Gates or Ballmer. It’s a major gauntlet, and a significant timeline declaration (from a company not well known for meeting deadlines). No, wait, a statement like this simply shouldn’t be made, period. DO, don’t PROMISE. Sheesh.

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Microsoft Live Local's Street Side

By -

Similar to A9’s Block View, MSFT’s Street Side is a more robust view of local photos incorporating its Virtual Earth technology. For now, limited to Seattle and SF, and sans business model. For now.

Also in MSFT land, the company launched the open beta of its classifieds play, Live Expo.