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Google Buys Writely

By - March 09, 2006

WritelyIt’s official, Google has purchased the company behind Writely…so can we please just stop pretending Google isn’t interested in every portion of Microsoft’s business? Om broke the news first…

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8 thoughts on “Google Buys Writely

  1. This was predictable – Google will become the Online (Web 2.0) version of Microsoft Office

    There are many new surprises in store within the coming years, as very high bandwidth becomes mainstream, and processors increase.

  2. It’s official, has purchased the company behind

    you might want to add the word Google in the phrase:)

    “It’s official, Google has purchased the company behind”

    I was sitting on the edge of my seat in bloglines for a mintue there:)

  3. Chetan says:

    What happened to Open Office alliance ? Was it just an announcement to trick MS ?

  4. Frank says:

    The Open Office alliance was a farce. They claimed to be supporting Sun just to get a toolbar distribution deal with Sun.

  5. J Young says:

    I have another theory…Google really bought Writely to integrate its word processing techology into Although I have to admit that I do use blogspot for my blog, it is sorely lacking with its existing WYSIWIG html tool.

  6. Joe Hunkins says:

    “Google has purchased the company ….”

    Will the coming battle relate to how Google vs Yahoo vs MSN vs other big fish manage all the little people and companies they are scarfing up?

    2.0 continues to unfold as most think it will, leaving less room and tolerance for slow, clunky, heavily capitalized, bureaucratic companies.

    So how can the big fish avoid becoming … big fish?

  7. Mary says:

    The battle against Microsoft Office starts now and is allright. Ok the process started earlier and I can only say good luck.

  8. Rainer says:

    Integrate its word processing techology into

    Writely faq`s: aquired yes, at the moment no product change, no site look difference, no showing of Google ads, perhaps millions of users in future, maybe users have to register with Google, but not now.

    Nothing specific, they still leave changes secret.