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About Sun's Grid…

By - March 21, 2006

Sun UtilSo soon Sun is going to launch its utility computing grid, open to all for rent. In Jonathan’s post covering the launch here, I wonder, really, truly – isn’t Google the clear competitor here? Oh, wait, no, it’s already Amazon. I’m pinging Jonathan to ask about this. Google is Sun’s partner, but will they also be fundamental competitors? (Thanks, James)

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6 thoughts on “About Sun's Grid…

  1. Vikram says:

    What area of busines is Sun targetting by doing this?

  2. Jonathan Schwartz says:

    Google and Amazon are both customers and partners – neither are presenting computation as a service (it turns out to be infinitely more complex than simple storage – esp. for enterprise deployment).

    In the long run, we don’t want to be in the retail web service business – our target demographic are developers (some of whom do, in fact, compete against Amazon and Google).

  3. chad says:

    Somehow its hard to see IT departments using google to provide outsourced datacenters. Seems like this will end up being more of a Sun vs. IBM battle.

    One thing I don’t understnad is why Sun is going after cpu cycles first. Data storage seems to be the low-hanging fruit here.

  4. That Website has gone online now – Sun Grid Public Compute Utility has been launched for Tests Drives

  5. GridEngine User says:

    Note that a lot of Sun Grid’s technologies are available as opensource or industrial standard…

    Example : Gridengine, Sun Fire X2100 Server, Solaris 10